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INSTRUCTIONS: (click here for printable instructions)



For the next month or so it will be you and your group’s responsibility to thoroughly research the topic(s) assigned to you below.

Some groups have been assigned a single topic (i.e. Communism) and some have been assigned a grouping of topics (i.e. Langston Hughes

through Katherine Dunham); but as you will experience, the amount of information out there on your topic(s) is quite considerable.

Theoretically, one of these topics or subjects could preoccupy an entire class for a whole year, so be realistic and prioritize the information

you find, taking a close look at what is relevant and irrelevant. The question you will need to consider as you work on this assignment is:


Does the information I find allow me a better appreciation for what Dickens wrote about,, and a more well-rounded

understanding of the times in which he lived and wrote? There is a lot of information to sift through; only you will be the judge of what

makes its way to the rest of the class.







Ø      Each group will present a two period Group Lecture on your assigned area. You may present your research any way you choose!

     See me in advance for any technical needs, unusual materials, or permission you imagine needing. Each student in the group must

     have a lecture responsibility – there will no group representative for this project. The order of presentations has not yet been determined. 


Ø      On the day of the presentation each group will supply 26 copies of a bulleted print-out of their lecture.  


Ø      Each member of the group will contribute three multiple choice questions, one short  answer question, and one  long answer  question from his or her particular area of research (due the day of your group’s presentation). All questions will be submitted on

        a Victorian Era Test Questions Template form, and will be used at the teacher’s whim (can you say “pop quiz”?). 


Ø      Each member of the group will contribute four events to the class’s Victorian Era Time Line (these events are to be considered vital 

        to the class’s overall understanding of Great Expectation's historical context).


Ø      Any questions concerning the Group Lecture are to be asked of the teacher well before the lecture date. (There will be no last minute 

        issues resolved by the teacher – you are entirely responsible for yourself and your group’s prep and performance.) 


Ø      Two weeks after the end of this unit (when the lecture series is over) you will be responsible for turning in a 4 page reflective paper 

       of which the specific instructions will be given to you long beforehand.







The following are steps and details necessary to doing this right. Each step will have a specific

meeting date (about one meeting a week). During these meetings I will be circulating and answering

any questions you and your group might have. The Group Meeting dates will be determined as we go along.



STEP 1 (today, tomorrow): First Group Meeting: Here you will…



  • talk about and understand the details and requirements of the assignment
  • ask general questions concerning lecture format, style of lecture, how to lecture…
  • choose a leader
  • exchange email addresses, cell phones, etc.
  • agree on what is to be finished by the second meeting (i.e. how will the content will be divided up,

       ideas regarding type of lecture you will give, what connection to Great Expectations can you make in your lecture)



STEP 2: Second Group Meeting: Here you will…



  • decide on who teaches what
  • discuss how individual research will be shared with the group (in note form, summary, via email/print outs)
  • share any ideas you thought up regarding presentation of information (what form your lecture will take)
  • set a deadline for finishing research portion of unit (do not allow this deadline to be missed!)
  • get to researching!



STEP 3: Third Group Meeting: Here the group will…



  • share individual research with group
  • begin to conceive and visualize just how you want your lecture to go
  • discuss and agree upon what you want your lecture to convey (is there an overall message, theme or motif to be drawn between all the material)
  • discuss and assign lecture duties
  • outline lecture information
  • if technology is to be used, check with Ms. Schembri or Mr. Lazarus about use and availability.
  • Something to think of: If you want to give the lecture outside of class – in, for example, the auditorium – talk to me about scheduling and availability.



STEP 4: Fourth Group Meeting: Here the group will…



  • make sure all group and individual responsibilities for lecture are being covered
  • get bulleted print out organized
  • have individual Victorian Era questions form filled out
  • rehearse or prepare final lecture format
  • be on the same page regarding individual and group vision
  • get ready to teach!





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